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What is it that we do exactly?

We help put your business on the first page of Google Maps when someone is in your local area and searching for a product or service that your company provides.  This is prime internet real estate that is not easy to obtain. Once your company becomes a client with us, we work hard to get you listed there.


Now you can get your business listed on Google Maps by registering a Google My Business Account. We handle all of the inner workings of the listing by providing the name, address and location (NAT) of the business, a description of your business, some pictures, and then link the website or landing page to the listing.  We will then create a landing page on top7local with all of the same information under the category served by your business as well.


Just fill out the form below and submit with your one-time only $99 payment via Paypal or Credit/Debit Card to get started.

These few steps will start you on your way to an awesome presence on Google Search.  If you would like to discuss getting your business to the 1st page of Google under multiple categories, send us an email:


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